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View of the iconic mosque from the Asia side of Istanbul
View of the iconic mosque from the Asia side of Istanbul

     I guess I should start off by saying welcome and that Ashley and I are glad to have you here. If you are here it means you have a love for traveling just as much as we do or you are a new traveler and want to learn some tips or facts about the places you are about to go. This blog, in its simplicity, is to celebrate the love of travel. We are not here to brag about the places we have gone (okay maybe a little) but to share with you our experiences in travel. This blog is not just for the experienced traveler but for all types of traveler, novice or expert. We want to light that travel flame in you and get you to go out and see something new, to break through the veil of unfamiliarity and make it as familiar as waking up in your own bed.

Boats sitting in the harbor
Boats sitting in the harbor

Streets in RomeWe have noticed over the years that the hardest part about traveling for people is the fear of going somewhere new and we want to show you that it is not only exciting to confront that fear but good for you as well. We believe that we were given two feet to wander and to explore and we want to share that love with you. We don’t want this blog just to be entertaining but also informative. This blog is here to be a resource for our readers that they can look to when they are traveling or about to travel.


Get out of your bed and go somewhere new and learn. I could write an infinite amount of pages expressing our desire for travel and desire to get other people to travel but as this is just and introduction, I will not. Hopefully through our blog you will fall in love with traveling and go out in this world and see it. People always say that you have only have one life so don’t waste it! Use this one life to travel and learn everything you can about this world. Our goal is to travel everywhere and we hope that becomes your goal as well. Once again, welcome to our blog and Ashley and I hope that you enjoy it. Now lets go out and find a new adventure!

The beautiful gardens of Versailles
The beautiful gardens of Versailles

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