All About Alex

Alex in the trees in Budapest
Alex in the trees in Budapest

What can I say about myself?  I grew up in Pismo Beach, a small beach town along the central coast of California and my entire life I’ve always been in love with adventure. I’m an Eagle Scout and throughout my Boy Scouts experience I was able to travel to different parts of the United States, whether it was on islands off the Florida Keys, the glaciers of Alaska, the mountains of New Mexico, or the boundary waters of Minnesota and Canada, I always enjoyed every new adventure.

The Bus to Turkey
The Bus to Turkey

When I was fifteen I was able to take a trip with my family to Europe. I traveled through Paris, Milan, Florence, and Rome and from then on I knew that I would live in Europe. When I was eighteen I packed up my bags and moved to Rome, Italy to begin attending the American University of Rome.  Over my four years of schooling I traveled all over Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, and West Africa. After graduation I moved to San Francisco, California but my love for Travel has continued.  I want to dedicate my life to traveling and help people get out there and travel. That is why we started this blog, to give people a source for when they are traveling. Even though I have only been truly traveling for four years, I have gained enough knowledge to pass on to new or even experienced travelers. I hope you enjoy our travel blog.

Monkey Alex

6 thoughts on “All About Alex

  1. In all your various travels did you come upon a single culture where sticking your tongue out at people was deemed to be appropriate behavior?


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