All About Ashley

Me in a tree
Me in a tree

    Hey everybody, my name is Ashley and I have a little confession. I traveled for the first time when I was sixteen and hated it. Back then though, I was a snotty teenager who didn’t know much about anything. But that all changed when I went abroad after my high school graduation. I traveled to Italy and was captivated by the idea of traveling, exploring new cultures and new food and of course new history (I am afterall nothing but a giant nerd) and since then it hasn’t stopped.  I studied abroad the soonest chance I had, spending my first summer of college in Greece and then a semester in Rome.  After I finished my completely “useful and applicable” major of Classical Archaeology I decided to move to Rome.

Karie and I in Rome
Karie and I in Rome

 I spent two and half years in Rome working as a tour guide (actually using my degree, which I thought would never happen!) and generally traveling as much as possible.  In these past seven years, travel and travel photography have become my all consuming passions.  Every move I do now is in someway dictated by travel, whether its getting a job to earn money to travel or moving back home to San Francisco.  My goal now is not only to travel as much as possible but to also get people to travel, inspire them to see the world, just get out there beyond their comfort zone and that’s really what Alex and I are trying to do with this blog.  We want to share our knowledge, our experiences, all the crazy things that can happen when you leave the familiar behind and head out to explore.

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