5 Reasons Why I Love Gelato


Now this may seem silly to do an article on why I love Gelato, everyone loves it, but I figured why not and I also thought I would share two of my favorite places for Gelato in Rome.  If you go to Italy you must have Gelato, its a requirement.  It doesn’t matter when you go you must have Gelato and really why not?  So here are my five reasons why I love Gelato and why its a must have if you are traveling to Italy.


1. Different/healthier from Ice Cream

So you may not believe me when I say not only is Gelato different from Ice Cream and that its actually better for you, but it is.  I am not a liar.  Ice Cream is required to have over 10% butterfat in order to be considered ice cream whereas Gelato actually has a higher milk to cream ratio, so its fat ratio is a lot lower.  But you say, “Gelato is creamier, how is that possible with less fat?”.  Well turns out Gelato is mixed a lot slower so it has less air in it which is what gives it that denser, creamier texture without the added fat.  So as I said Gelato is different and it is healthier (to a degree) than ice cream.


2. San Crispino

This reason why I love Gelato is very specific, San Crispino is one of my all time favorite Gelato shops in Rome.  One of the major reasons I love it is because of the non-traditional flavors they have.  My favorite flavors are the Sicilian Honey and the White Peach Sorbetto.  The flavors however change seasonally and are all delicious.  I also love San Crispino because it is located right near the Pantheon in Piazza Maddalena, so you can grab my favorite gelato and then go visit my favorite building in Rome.  They also have a few other locations in Rome and you can check out their website to learn more: http://www.ilgelatodisancrispino.it/


3. Frigidarium

This is another one of my favorite Gelato shops in Rome and this one has much more traditional flavors, here you will find the Stratacella (Chocolate Chip), Nutella, Nocciola (Hazelnut) and Cannela (Cinnamon).  This is where I’ll head if I am looking for the creamiest traditional Gelato.  It is all homemade and you get huge servings here, I never order anything larger than the small.  They are also open late which is great if you are hanging out across the street at Abbey Theater (the best Irish Pub in Rome).  Definitely go here when you are in Rome.  For their address and more info check out http://www.frigidarium-gelateria.com/


4. Sorbetto

Now I mentioned Sorbetto earlier and you are probably thinking I am talking about Sorbet which I basically am, Sorbetto is just the italian name for Sorbet.  Italian sorbet is amazing however, it is always made with fresh fruit (especially if you are going to San Crispino or Frigidarium) and always in season.  Sorbetto is hands down my favorite thing to get on a hot day and there are plenty of those in Rome in Summer.  Gelato is more for a summer evening in my opinion because there is nothing more refreshing than Sorbetto when its August.  My favorite flavors are definitely the white peach (Pesca Bianca), grapefruit (Pompelo) and raspberry (lampone).


5. You can eat it whenever you like

So unlike clothes, Gelato eating is not determined by the seasons.  If you show up in Rome in winter and wear flip flops expect looks (which may or may not be dirty looks), if its winter and you’re eating Gelato that is perfectly normal.  Italians eat Gelato year round and the Gelato shops never close and its great because you never know when those cravings are going to hit you.  So don’t let a little cold weather stop you from enjoying one of the best tasting culinary treats there is.


Gelato is the best, sorry ice cream.

10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Love Gelato

  1. My experience in Rome was not so great (July: too hot, too crowded), but I have been to San Crispino and it’s absolutely priceless! Best gelato I’ve ever had! There’s a small restaurant in one of the small alleyways close to the Patheon, which is also great. I’ll check it out in my journal and let you know.


    1. ya I would definitely stay away from Rome in the summer, its miserable but October however is amazing so if you go back I would say go then. And let me know what the restaurant is! I’ll certainly be going back!



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