A Night with the Green Fairy Part 1

Every trip has its bumps, there is no such thing as the perfect trip. There are always flaws along the way that people tend to forget afterwards or are able turn it around and make it a humorous story to tell at the dinner table. Now I have never had a trip go completely wrong but I have had my fair share of bumps. I have to say though, they are usually my favorite part of my trips. The bumps have made me grow as a person a little more. It’s Life’s way of saying, “Hey you still awake?”  Now my very first trip with Ashley was a little bumpy but in the end thats what made the trip that much more unique.  The bumps luckily came in the beginning and we were able to deal with them at the start to allow for a great rest of the trip.

Allow me to set the scene for you. Ashley and I had been dating for a little over a month at this point and even though we were living together we will still in the “getting to know you” stage. It was fall break for me and Ashley and I agreed to go on a punk tour with my friend David who had a solo guitar act. It was going to be four people in a tiny Italian car, crashing in squats and probably not showering and trying to sell tapes to fund our trip along the way. Probably not the first trip you want to go on in a new relationship.  I was stoked about this trip, Ashley though was a little less enthusiastic because she saw the flaws from a mile away.  She was still willing to go because it was an adventure neither of us had experienced.

A day before we were supposed to leave everything went wrong when the Italian Rental company could not find us an automatic car. I know it is sad but none of us knew how to drive a manual car (and still don’t). Our friend, David, always ready to do whatever is necessary, wanted to take the manual and figure it out along the way. The realization that we were going to try to travel through a few countries with a car we had no idea how to drive was a little too much and all of a sudden people began to express doubts.  So just like that, the day before our trip it had completely collapsed within itself and blew up in our faces. We felt pretty defeated and assumed that our fall break was over. Ashley and I were not ready to call quits however, so we went home and within 25 minutes of being home Ashley planned a trip for us to go to Vienna and Prague. We needed to go somewhere, we needed to travel, so we did let one failed trip stop us from going on another.

Sunset over Prague
Sunset over Prague

Now I will talk about our trip to Vienna in another article but this is about our trip to Prague. We hopped on a bus out of Vienna late at night. It was a two part bus trip; the first part was nice and easy and our first stop was in the small town of Brno. When we arrived it was the middle of the night and not much was going on. We also had a three hours to wait in the bitter cold.  We found ourselves in a KFC trying to rest a bit before the final leg of the bus ride. There was an incident where a homeless person came in and started throwing food and trash at the counter and screaming but then thankfully it was time for our final bus to Prague.

Stare Mestro-Old City Center of Prague
Stare Mestro-Old City Center of Prague

Now when we booked our hostel in Prague it was a last minute booking and we were hoping for the best. We were arriving very early in the morning and were quite exhausted from our bus trip. Our Taxi driver dropped us off in front of Mosaic Hostel.  When we arrived we thought we were in the wrong place because we were looking up at what looked like a nice hotel there was no way we could afford. We walked in and asked if the place was the hostel we were looking for. The person at the desk smiled and said yes it was. After a quick check in we headed down to our sixteen bedroom. Now I have stayed in many hostels and the general rule is the more beds, the less comfortable it is going to be. I have never been so happy to be wrong. This may have been one of the nicest hostel I have ever stayed in. The beds were big with big fluffy pillows, down comforters and the 16 beds were situated in a way that made you feel like you had privacy. Ashley and I fell asleep instantly and experienced probably the greatest sleep we ever had in a hostel.

One of the great things about staying in a hostel is the people you meet.  Ashley and I met a couple of real characters that had been traveling around together for the last couple of weeks in the Czech Republic. One was a southern Californian party boy and the other was Kiwi who was still recovering from a cracked skull after falling off a cliff. So we teamed up with them and headed down to a local Absinthe Bar.

So excited for Absinthe!
So excited for Absinthe!
Alex at the John Lennon Wall
Alex at the John Lennon Wall

Stay tuned for the second part of this adventure on Thursday!

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