Ashley’s Travel Planning Tips

Hey guys!

For those of you that do not know an article of mine was featured on Girls Gone International.  Girls Gone International is a great community of girls who share their love of travel and embrace the community of female expats.  Girls Gone International runs a blog, a social community of expats and even has their own magazine!  I am so honored that they asked me to be featured on their blog and of course I was ecstatic to write for them.  My article came out just a few weeks ago and is all about my top travel planning tips.  I know that it is hard to sometimes commit to large (and potentially expensive) trips so I thought I would share how I went about planning for our (Alex and myself) upcoming trip to Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia!

So if you want to learn more about how we plan our trips check it out and also join the Girl Gone International Community (if you are a female), it is a great group of girls!



Ashley's Top 3 Trip Planning Tips
Ashley’s Top 3 Trip Planning Tips

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