Merry Christmas Everyone!


Hello everyone!

We hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday and that those lucky enough to be with their families are treasuring it. The holidays are always a special time for Alex and I. No matter how much we travel and leave our homes behind, we always return home for the holidays.


Christmas is the one holiday that my family truly goes all out and celebrates. Christmas is a big deal for us. It’s a full two day celebration with both sides of my family and usually we try to have a holiday day and do something Christmassy. This year we went to see the Nutcracker at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. I love the Paramount Theater in Oakland, it’s an old Art Deco theater and just has so much class. I’ve been wanting to see The Nutcracker for the holidays for about three years now so it was so nice to finally be able to go. But even more so it was great to spend the day with my family in such a hectic season.


The holidays can be so crazy but even with all the craziness we all make time to be with our families. To me, this is what Christmas is all about, a time to spend with your family no matter how much or little you do to celebrate the holidays. So whether you are with your family today or just a phone call away remember that the whole reason we celebrate holidays, no matter what they are, is to bring us closers to the ones we love.

So Merry Christmas everyone, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday and that your enjoy this time with your loved ones! And maybe have a little Christmas drink!

Cheers and happy holidays from Ashley and Alex!


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