A New Tour in Rome all about Courtesans

Beautiful Roman Fountain I met Massimo when I first started Tour Guiding in Rome.  I remember shadowing him on the Crypts and Catacombs Tour and was just struck by what a wonderful storyteller he is.  Massimo really makes the past come alive and make it interesting for everyone.  Since I left Rome I discovered that Massimo was working on his own tour focusing on a darker, lesser known side of Roman life, the prostitutes.  When I asked Massimo to describe his tour, this is what he said: Courtesans' Tour Courtesans is a brand new Tour on the market unlike any other  before. This is the first Erotic Storytelling Tour in Italy, focused on Courtesans and the Pope’s famous mistresses. It seems to be a joke, but actually it is not! Many stories are very sad, the mirror of the Italian’s Renaissance society in which some good married women needed to sell their bodies on streets to be able to feed their families and on the other side there were the beautiful Courtesans, the upper class prostitutes. Those women instead enjoyed life and preferred being considered as whore, since the alternative, being an illiterate good wife with no word in the matter, was not really enticing. This tour lasts 2.5 hours and in its itinerary, we visit stunning churches were Courtesans were buried (good whores always get best spots!) and where they lived! It is a unique tour that you definitely do not want to miss.  When you go back to your hotel after the tour it makes you hungry for more stories and information! Come on, where else would you find a tour that explains to you the history of contraceptives? When you come to Rome, do not miss this opportunity!  Although scandalous, being a Courtesan was a fascinating profession and has its history. I am simply delivering it.   Visit www.courtesans.it  to find out more information, how to book tours and the other tours Massimo offers.  You could not have a better guide for this tour, Massimo was made for it!

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