Where We Have Traveled and Where To Next


Photo courtesy of fineartamerica.com
Photo courtesy of fineartamerica.com

Alex and I have traveled a lot separately and together.  While occasionally we country count to see who is more traveled, often times we are more reminiscing about the places we have been together and where we want to go next.  We may not have seen the world yet but we will.  Here is where we have been:


Click the links below to see all of our articles about these awesome countries!

Andorra – Ashley



Belize – Ashley



Czech Republic


Ghana – Alex



Ireland – Ashley




Morocco – Alex






United Kingdom

United States


Up next for us is the world!  We are currently planning a 6+ year Round the World trip which we are so excited about.  We plan to visit Arizona (for Spring Training), New Orleans (for the Jazz Festival), Chicago, Key West and New York before heading off to Europe.  We plan on about 2 years traveling around Europe and then taking the Trans Siberian Railroad to China to start on our Asian adventures ending with a year in Australia.  After stopping in Australia for a year we plan on heading back West through India, Africa and South America.  It may be ambitious but I believe we can do it!


Ashley and I on the Via Appia

7 thoughts on “Where We Have Traveled and Where To Next

  1. Sounds like you have a great adventure coming up. We travelled the trans Mongolian railway as part of our overland trip from Australia Just amazing….have you thought about getting involved in couch surfing it is a great way to have local experiences as you travel.


  2. Sounds fantastic but I don’t see Costa Rica on your list…hope you make it down here sometime, it’s awesome 😉 If you want some good food while you’re in Key West, check out Hot Tin Roof. The Square Grouper on Route 1 on Summerland Key is amazing too. We have family in the Keys and always make a stop for seafood. Even tried fried lion fish there once. Tastes like chicken!


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