The Versatile Blogger Award….Again!


We are so happy to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award again! Thank you to Travelling Buzz for the nomination!  We are so incredibly honored to have received another blogging award.  Maria at Travelling Buzz is a 22 year old Bulgarian who takes some pretty amazing photos of Bulgaria.  We definitely will be making a stop in Bulgaria after looking at all of her gorgeous photos!

We have decided that since we were already nominated we would give 7 more facts about us but keep our same nominees.  To see who we have nominated take a look here.


Now 7 more facts about Ashley and Alex:


1.  Ashley majored in Classical Archaeology aka Greek and Roman archaeology, which job-wise is pretty limiting but did lead to her moving to Rome.  Her favorite Roman emperor is Hadrian in case you were wondering.

Bust of Hadrian from the Capitoline Museum in Rome, Italy
Bust of Hadrian from the Capitoline Museum in Rome, Italy

Alex is a communication major only because his school did not have separate writing program.  His final thesis was writing a full length screenplay and this film experience is one of the reasons we hope to make a documentary when we head out for our Round the World trip.

2.  Alex absolutely loves Shakespeare; his dad asked him to read 5 Shakespeare tragedies in the 8th grade to see if he really wanted a paintball gun, not only did he get his paintball gun but he also now loves randomly quoting Shakespeare, which I never get.  “Nothing becomes of nothing” – apparently…

While Ashley may know nothing of Shakespeare she has an odd fascination with the English monarchs and has probably read every known historical fiction book about Queen Elizabeth and she she has seen every episode of The Tudors too.

3.  Alex originally wanted to become a herpetologist  which is a person who studies reptiles and amphibians.  Basically he wanted to be Steve Irwin and spent his childhood catching lizards.

Alex playing with the iguana at the beach bar in Rawaii
Alex playing with the iguana at the beach bar in Rawaii

Ashley originally went to college to study marine biology and then they told her she had to take chemistry, not her strongest suite.  She ended up going to Crete for the summer and thus ended up with an archaeology degree.

4.  Alex’s dream destination is Japan; all he wants to do is eat puffer fish and drink sake.  There is a reason I don’t let him go for sushi alone.

Ashley’s dream destination is Machu Picchu.  She has wanted to go since she was little and was given a mini archaeology kit from the Imaginarium, thank you Mom and Dad.

5.  We both love to collect books.  Ashley has an old collection of Nancy Drew books from her aunt; they are wonderfully old with pages falling out and moldy covers, and Alex has an impressive collection of leather bound Louis L’Amore books from his grandfather.

6.  We are absolute Disneyland fanatics.  A summer without Disneyland is a summer wasted.  We buy new ears whenever we are there; it is tradition.

Ya we are super cool
Ya we are super cool

7.  Alex recently gave me a record player and since then we have become avid record collectors, our favorite bar in Healdsburg even does all their music based off records.  Gotta love going old school!  My favorite record old record is Ella Fitzgerald and my favorite modern record is Ryan Adams (best concert ever!) and Alex’s favorite album is Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks”.


So there we have it, you guys got to know a little bit more about us!  Thank you Maria for nominating us and don’t forget to check out our nominees and learn a little bit more about us!

-Alex and Ashley

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