Around the World

HOLY SHIT Around the World We Go

Fellow Adventures,

These last few months have been kind of hectic for Ashley and I. We are in the process of building and finishing our new website as well as trying to take “In Pursuit of Adventure”  to the next tier. For us to be able to accomplish this, we need to do something drastic with our life. To further ourselves and our blog about travel, travel needs to be a constant in our life. So that is exactly what we’re going to do; we’re packing up, selling our things, quitting our jobs, and heading around the world starting April 22nd. You read that right, Ash and I are taking the big plunge into the unknown and going out in this world that we have fallen in love with. We have sat still for too long and we are overdue to get back out there on the road.

This is not a trip that we are planning on doing in a year. We want to take our time as we go around the world. We want to give the places that we are going the respect due to them by staying long enough to appreciate the culture that we are exploring. That is why we are going to take a minimum of six years to circumvent the world.


So where do we start?

Well we have to get out of dodge first.


We will pack the car and head down the coast see some family until we reach LA and then head East across the states with the final destination of New York by May 19th. A couple of must stops along the way are New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, DC, and a few other cities and national parks like the Grand Canyon sprinkled in before we hit New York. Then we hop on a plane and head to Iceland for about two weeks. From there we will be visiting the rest of Europe for around two years. After seeing as much of Europe and some of North Africa (Hello Christmas in Morocco!) in two years we will be hopping on board the Trans Siberian railroad into Asia, and will be spending a significant amount of time exploring Asia from north to south. We will then take a pause and head down under for a year, hopefully being based in Melbourne for a bit, and then back up to India, Africa, South America and back up towards LA.

What do we plan to accomplish? How are we doing this? Why are we even doing this?

Starting with the last question first, we are traveling around the world because we have to. It is really that simple; we do not have a choice, we have to travel. Travel is our addiction and if you ever met Ash and I you would realize that we are happier on the road. We are believers that travel can change the world and is the key for us to learn and understand each other. People talk about movements that happen over time and I believe that travel is the next big cultural movement for America. Why learn about a culture online when you can go and live and engulf yourself in a new culture?  We want to show people that this world is not a treacherous place but a place that is beautiful and welcoming and worth going out and exploring.

One of the many Buddhas at the Grand Palace


What do we plan to accomplish? I think our main focus is to give every culture justice when we visit and write about it. We want to give the culture the proper time and go in with a open mind. Our job as travelers is to share our stories and their stories to the rest of the world.  And of course, our biggest goals is to see as much of the world as we can.

How are we going to do all of this? Well just like the Nike motto we are going to just do it. Ash and I have saved up as much as we can and we are going to just take the risk, because in reality we have nothing to lose.

Join us and follow along with our adventures.  #IPoARTW
Join us and follow along with our adventures. #IPoARTW

We hope you follow our journey around the world and even join us. We have an open invitation for anybody who wants to meet up with us on the road. Let us go and spread the stories of the world and maybe just maybe we can can all come a little closer to understanding one another and change the world for the better.


-Ashley and Alex

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