Top Destinations of 2015!

Our Top Destinations for 2015

So now that we have had our GRAND REVEAL aka announced that we will be going on a 6 YEAR ROUND THE WORLD TRIP (can you tell I’m excited?) I thought we would introduce the destinations we are most excited about seeing this year.  While we still have a few more months to enjoy Wine Country living, we are already making lists of places we want to see and all the things we want to do.  This means I get to nerd out, read a bunch of guidebooks and embrace my love of lists and spreadsheets.  I am obviously the planner and cannot wait to start planning this trip.  So here are the top five destinations I am most excited about visiting this year!



Courtesy of Huffington Post
Courtesy of Huffington Post

Let’s start with Iceland because well, its FREAKING ICELAND.  I cannot convey how utterly excited we are to visit Iceland.  I mean I guess I could by writing in all caps but we all know how obnoxious that can be.  Iceland has always been this mystical place and I thought I had to have buckets of money to visit it but all that is changing.  Yes, it is still a relatively expensive place to visit but there are ways around it.  Beers & Beans has some great advice for how to travel Iceland on the cheap and we are definitely taking it to heart.  Don’t want to blow our whole budget on our first international stop after all 🙂

We lucked out and were able to get cheap flights to Iceland from New York and we are going to be spending 12 days there.  We are hoping to snorkel Silfra (the continental plates), visit the Golden Circle and spend at least 5 days road tripping around the country.  I am also excited for the obscene amount of hot dogs I will be eating as Alex eats all the weird food like fermented shark….



NBC tells me I am not the only Outlander fan obsessed with Scotland.  Photo courtesy of them...
NBC tells me I am not the only Outlander fan obsessed with Scotland. Photo courtesy of them…

After Iceland we are heading to Scotland!  We are so excited for Scotland, the land of haggis and Scotch!  But most importantly we are super excited to meet up with our friends who we haven’t seen since we moved from Rome!  We plan on spending a significant amount of time in Ayr bugging our friends and then of course we will be traveling around the country.  We don’t have any firm plans at the moment but the Outlander fan in me is looking forward to seeing Inverness, the Highlands and Edinburgh.  Scotland has some of the most beautiful landscapes as well so expect a deluge of photos!


New Orleans

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia 

New Orleans is a place I always talked about visiting in college for Mardi Gras and now that we are going I am actually glad we are not going during the chaos of Mardi Gras.  This city has been speaking to us.  Coffee, beignets, blues and booze; what more could we ask for?  We just want to wander the streets and do whatever takes our fancy.  I also know that Alex will be stuffing his face with crawfish.



Delicious Spanish Jamon

Both Alex and I have been to Spain before and while we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Valencia for Las Fallas, we would love to explore the culture of Spain more.  We are planning on renting an apartment in Barcelona for at least 2 weeks if not longer so we can really get into the Spanish lifestyle.  We also want to travel all over Spain.  I have been to Madrid and the Costa del Sol but Alex has not so I really want to show him the different parts of the country.  I know Alex for sure wants to surf in San Sebastian and I am totally open to learning.  There is so much we want to see and do in Spain we may just have to stay for several months!  Plus we love tapas!



Alex loves snakes
Alex loves snakes

I am finally making it to Africa! Yes Alex has already been to Morocco and Ghana but we don’t count him.  We are still trying to figure out visas but most likely we will be popping in and out of Europe and the plan right now is to spend Christmas in Morocco.  I have never spent a Christmas away from my family so I am guessing I will probably be homesick.  So the solution is to be somewhere as different from home as possible.  I also am a lover of Casablanca so I could not give up a chance to explore this famous city.  We have detailed out any plans yet for Morocco but it will definitely be happening in 2015.  I am thinking tea, shisha, markets, tagines, and exploring the blue city of Chefchaouen.
So these are the top five destinations we are most excited about!  Although to be honest we are pretty excited about everything right now.  We are in the “freaking out about the fact that we are leaving for six years” phase right now.

 Have you been to any of these destinations?  Do you have any suggestions or tips?  Also as we get closer and our itinerary shapes up  we would love to meet up with you!  The whole point of this journey is to share the world with people!

2 thoughts on “Top Destinations of 2015!

  1. Sounds like you guys are going to have a fantastic time! All these destination sounds great. Of the places you’ve mentioned, I’ve only been to Spain. Renting an apartment in Barcelona sounds like an awesome idea. When I was in Spain, Barcelona was unfortunately the only place i visited, but I absolutely LOVED it. Hopefully you’ll make it to Canada in the next couple years??
    -Mariah (


    1. Thanks for the support! This list is just a glimpse of our first year of our 6 year around the world trip. Unfortunatly, Canada does not come until the end of the trip. We can’t wait to go though. We would love to do a driving trip across the country. We have a good friend from Calgary and would love to go to The Stampeed and visit with him. Spain though we are also excited about. We both love Spain. The culture there is so much fun! Thank you for commenting. Keep following us as we go around the world. Have a great day!


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