Craving Iceland

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We’re going to Iceland!!!!!!!!! On May 20th we’re hoping on a plane and heading to the northernmost capital in the world, Reykjavik. Ash and I thought we should start our around the world trip with a country that neither of us have been to and what a country and a city to start with! I grew up camping, hiking and just enjoying nature and Iceland’s wilderness has inspired generations of people to explore and write about the world. As lovers of travel and writing, how could we miss such a country that reinvigorates one’s soul?

We will be renting a car for seven days and road tripping around this beautiful landscape. We want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Hike volcanoes, camp in the forest, eat hot dogs on the side of the road, and relax in geothermal spas. I personally cannot wait to eat and gorge myself with the hardy food of this land. A huge part of their diet is game and fish and has kept the people fueled to battle the harsh elements.  Preservation techniques like pickling in fermented whey or brine and drying or smoking has allowed the Icelanders to survive over time. The traditional methods have died out over the generations but I know I can still find and enjoy the flavors of fermented fish or meat. The smells and taste are funky but hey, that is part of the fun. I also know lamb is a huge part of their diet and I love lamb. I am sure this will be mostly what I consume.

It is a little difficult to explain why we crave Iceland. A couple episodes of Anthony Bourdain is what sparked our initial interest and then a few searches on google is what really got us hooked. The breathtaking landscape is hard to pass up and if I had to choose the reason we are craving Iceland that landscape has to be it.  Ash and I are determine to experience things that we normally would not and go out there and push our boundaries as people, travelers, photographers and writers. Who knows, we might even make some friends along the way.

We are craving Iceland. We think this northern territory is the perfect jumping off point to push us even further in our upcoming adventures!


Have you been to Iceland?  What was your favorite part of this crazy beautiful country?


5 thoughts on “Craving Iceland

  1. I just found out that WOW Airlines is offering $100 deals to Reykjavik from Boston and Washington DC, so my boyfriend and I are thinking about a quick weekend trip! Please keep us up-to-date on your favorite parts!


  2. I have never been to Iceland but I truly yearn to visit there someday. During the last Presidential election I was so saddened when Obama won the election I turned off the TV and logged on to the internet and researched foreign countries I might want to visit. I looked up Iceland and was fascinated by this beautiful country. It became an obsession.From the beautiful terrain, to the Blue Lagoon, to what looks like the safest city in the world, Reykjavik, and of course the beautiful Nordic women, I couldn’t get enough of it. And half the population believe in elves! How could you not love those people? And the miniature horses and puffins! I feel America is declining fast with our cities being cesspools of crime. If I were a single man, I would definitely relocate to Iceland , a country that looks like the last bastion of civilization in the world. I try talking the wife and kids into it but cannot convince them . All I can do is daydream about wonderful Iceland. I will be definitely looking forward to reading of your Icelandic saga. I know you will love it!


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