The Food in Bangkok

So Alex and I have been here for two days and I am wrestling with the city or should I say my taste buds are. I love Thai food back home and I love curries. I even love spicy curry despite my low tolerance for it but I have yet to find any of the curries i love here in Bangkok. I had amazing curry in Phuket that I could eat for the rest of my life. However, here in Bangkok I feel like the emphasis is on noodle and fried meats, not curry. There has been amazing food according to Alex though and we have had some Thai specialities such as Tom Yum Kung Soup (I loved the broth of the soup) and Pat Thai. I have yet to stumble upon the unequivocally great Thai street food, maybe I’m too picky, maybe my palate is too western, maybe I’m too infatuated with curry. I don’t know. I want to love this food so much and I have liked some of it. I guess I will just have to keep trying more food, try to expand my palate. Maybe by tomorrow I will have learned to appreciate Bangkok street food for what it is and find my favorite dish. If anyone has any suggestions we would love them!

Alex would like to add that for him all the food has been amazing and that I’m crazy. Here are some of the dishes we have enjoyed so far.





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